Alman Nusrat is an American-Muslim singer-songwriter of South Asian
descent. He started singing at the age of 12 and started writing
shortly thereafter. Alman's music is heavily influenced by South Asian and Western classical music and modern pop. His fusion of alternative pop, rock, and hip-hop, along with world music, has distinguished him as a promising artist.

Alman's passion for faith, art, and service has inspired
his works over the past decade. He has been committed to sharing
his journey through music in order to drive conversations
about faith in the modern world. He also hopes to inspire young people to use their creativity and expression, rooted in faith, to further their own growth and contribute towards a positive culture. 

In 2017, motivated by a passion for spiritual growth and service, Alman founded 'The Mantle', a US-based sacred safe space dedicated to providing access to Islamic spirituality.
In 2018, Alman joined the international charity PennyAppeal as a brand ambassador and advocate for various relief efforts. One project, in particular, involves the use of Music and Creative Arts Therapy to help children in war-torn countries overcome the traumas of war. 

He tours internationally sharing his reflections on faith, art, culture, and service.